26 February, 2011

25 February, 2011

Final Randoms + Rickshaw

Storyboard Hand In: Saturday

Reminder to send your finalized Storyboards in 300dpi, to Anna (awysou@gmail.com)
on, or before Saturday.

Or hand them to me if you did them on paper .

Thanks alot. =)

Revised Board: monkey hits barrier

Hey Adrian, here is a closer cut when the unicycle hits barrier.
Let me know if these panels are alright?

24 February, 2011

Monkey going down hill

Adrian, I tried to think of a new set-up for the monkey-going-downhill scene, that won't require changing the monkey's perspective.

Something like this? It should be able to hook up from Gemal's diagonal- fridge shadow.

The electrical wires are in the back.

The boards:

And the revised scientist-monkey interaction scene:

22 February, 2011


Here are some quick roughs.

-Sonya :')
Layout artists!!

Adrian expects rough designs by Thursday to go over and make corrections if needed. Please send questions to Adrian, Freddy, Adam, myself or all of the above before then.

Please have a grey scale version of your layouts done by Friday. Leave them in a layered format so colours can be added later. If you would like to work in colour make sure its on it's own layer or a separate version is converted into grey scale.

Elena plans to do ALL the inside shots, if you have an inside shot DON'T worry about it. She has the style down so if someone could please take here exterior shots to streamline this a bit that would be great. Please refer to Adam's storyboard for the external shots, or contact Elena.

The design of the science lab has been altered, a sketch of the new version should be up on the blog tonight.


21 February, 2011


unfinished but fixed up a bit

unfinished layouts

Inside the lab!!!!!! I'm not sure if these will be the colours.

Editted board

My board was missing a page when I uploaded, but it is now added. It is page 3 from the bottom, with the asterisks *** marking it.

Adrian, I'll try to edit the monkey/scientist interaction part before tomorrow. Thanks for the critiques.
so, the order of images is 5, 6, 7, 4, 3, 2, 1. i don't know how to edit it in here :/ it keeps on deleting images.

Rough hot dog vendor and customer

Storyboard from Min:

Storyboard - End section

EDIT: Sorry guys, I didn't upload a page apparently. It is now added (page 3, from the bottom, with the asterisks***).
Please read from bottom to top.