10 February, 2011

Update on Task List

Aaron - Character Designer
Adam - Storyboard
Adrian - Director/Writer/BG Artist
Alice - BG Artist/Back up for which ever area needs help
Anna - Storyboard/Crazy Animation
Cat - Character Designer
Chewy - Character Designer
Craig - Assistant Director
Dani - Writer/Sound Editor/SFX
Dave - Sound Editor
Elena - BG Artist
Freddy - Art Director
Gemal - Storyboard/Leica Editor/Crazy Animation
Immalyn - Character Builder/SFX
Laura - Storyboard/Compositor
Mikki -Leica Editor/BG Artist/Crazy Animation
Min - Storyboard/Character Builder/BG Artist/Crazy Animation
Salehin - Character Designer
Sean -Character Builder/Compositor
Sonia -Character Designer/BG Artist
Travis - Character Builder/Leica Editor/Crazy Animation

just some ideas~~~

hi everyone, it's adam writing. anyways i saw the post for art style and i think it's a good direction, just wanted to add some more ideas to it though.

check this link out: http://hykade.com/

and look at the film ring of fire. i really like the shadows sketched in on each frame, it makes it look really lively. maybe we could use this in a small part of the animation???

and for backgrounds idea that are vastly different from new grounds, check this out:

i don't think this whole style would work for what we are doing, but i think we could draw certain elements from it, like the lighting and texturing...

so basically i'm just throwing these ideas out. i think that one thing that most flash cartoons don't have is atmospheric effects or lighting effects... so maybe if we put some fx in there (and really push it!) our animation can stand out!!!

Art Direction

> I've been looking around at the different styles of animation possible in flash and I really like the Jimmy two shoes style. Its the perfect combination of simplicity and great design with a lot of flexibility to go really crazy with the poses.
> The tricky part with flash is making a cartoon that doesn't look too "newgroundsy" so I think this style would be perfect. But then again the style also depends on the story so nothing is really set in stone at this point.

06 February, 2011


Sorry for the confusion Craig, hotmail assumed your email address as Junk and sent it to my Junk email folder. I don't know why it did that, but you weren't the only one. Dani's, and Laura's were also sent there. In any case I fixed the problem now, so you along with Dani, Laura and Freddy have been added to the posting list =).