10 February, 2011

just some ideas~~~

hi everyone, it's adam writing. anyways i saw the post for art style and i think it's a good direction, just wanted to add some more ideas to it though.

check this link out: http://hykade.com/

and look at the film ring of fire. i really like the shadows sketched in on each frame, it makes it look really lively. maybe we could use this in a small part of the animation???

and for backgrounds idea that are vastly different from new grounds, check this out:

i don't think this whole style would work for what we are doing, but i think we could draw certain elements from it, like the lighting and texturing...

so basically i'm just throwing these ideas out. i think that one thing that most flash cartoons don't have is atmospheric effects or lighting effects... so maybe if we put some fx in there (and really push it!) our animation can stand out!!!

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  1. Thanks Adam, We will Discus this Idea Next class once the ball starts rolling in the design field. I really like the idea of treating each frame just a little bit to give it a more lively feel, but definately not to the extent that Andreas Hykade did in Ring of fire. That must have taken twenty three years! I remember you showed me that before, I finally got around to watching the whole video. Holy Moses!