19 March, 2011

Sorry it took me a while, but it was hard to find a workable design since different board artist had different take on the hot dog stand, I tried to make it work for all the scenes- except for 2nd last one (6)- I don't know what's going on that panal...
and the last one,(7) the stand can't be that high unless it's in the extreme forground, which it isn't so there are some major scale issues on that panal

monkey stuff

Meeting today

Hey Guy's

So right now just me and Craig are here, and pretty soon I'm going to have to ditch him to go do birthday things.  I hope you guys are still planning on coming because there's lots of work to do and we can all use some extra motivation. Right now were downloading sounds, so we really need Lieca and Sound editors to be here.  Dave, can you try to be here tomorrow afternoon so me and you can Finalize the Lieca as much as we can?

How are the Backgrounds going? can you guys post some stuff?

For the designers who have to make more poses, we need that stuff ASAP!!!!
Freddy, I know you got alot to do but it doesn't have to be all cleaned and coloured, look at Chewy's stuff.  Just please get it done because all that stuff has to be built in 5 days! 
Salehin, We need those cart rotations. make at least one with the kind of line quality were going to have for the final builds.

Travis, once Salehin is done the designs I wont mind helping you with some cart builds.  I'm not a great character builder, otherwise I'd be all over helping out with all the monkey rotations, but I think i can manage a cart.  Lets get some other people helping out the builders!

Hope to see you all soon, I'll be here again tomorrow.

Saturday meeting...

It's 11:40. Do you know where your peoplethatweresupposedtocometothemeeting are? I know a couple of you mentioned you would be here a bit later but Adrian and I are here alone. If your coming in or not please let us know now!

Everyone else please get working on what has to be done. If you get stuck or don't know whats needed from you fire off an email to your department head or Adrian or myself.

Is anyone not doing something?!?!? Please tell us (i.e. Adrian, Jason, Mikki, myself). The more people we have to spread around the lighter the work load and the sooner we can get animating. Your extra help will be greatly appreciated.


Ending -Good Order

Hey Adrian and Leica Editors,

Sorry, I'm sick and can't make the Saturday meeting. So here's everything I wanted show :

This is the intended order of the ending (starting from helping scientist up). I circled the panels that were missing, or in the wrong place.

Here are those missing panels for download (these are in correct size and 3:4 ratio):

Let me know by email if there are any problems!

17 March, 2011

baby carriage design (color not final)

I'm still experimenting the color! Please give some advice. Thanks!

Sonya :')

Screen shots for designers

Chewy's Vulture, Freddy's Monkey, and Salehin's Hotdog-trike-a-mobile.


Saturday to meet in the mac lab @ 11:00am

-come in to organize what you're doing

-will work generally on stuff, supervise sound and leica and such
-also happy birthday!

-will work on leica
-help board whatever isn't there

Mikki (Leica)
-will work on leica
-organize harddrive
-make list of who's doing what with Jason
-cut up leica to send to layout artists

-make list of who's doing what with Mikki
-cut up leica to send to layout artists

-time sounds
-figure out new sounds needed
-make new sounds

Whatever is not done, Barney will be re-editing on Wednesday night. We have till then to edit things.

In Class Update


Here is almost the ultimate list of who's doing what. PLEASE try to work on this stuff for Thursday!!!

The only mini due date before that is Saturday. There is a post about who needs to come in. Please do!

If you are doing nothing in this list right now, no worries, on Thursday we will have an official list.



When Leica is done, we're going to figure out more on this. We'll be posting EXACTLY who's doing what..

-Each shot will be separated (Jason and/or Mikki will do this)
-Assign backgrounds
-Assign animation
-Assign who's building what in each shot


Here's what we know so far:

-needs to draw lipsync for monkey
-design him in dress
-design monkey kissing
-design wind blown faces for monkey, all angles

-work on sounds till Saturday
-send email with progress or things we need to do on saturday

1. Outside Tower
-do background (establishing shot with vulture)

-build vulture
-build scientist
-build moms (only straight view)
-build carriage (only straight view)

2. Inside
-continue backgrounds
-wait for leica for specifics

3. Outside (up shot)

-background up shot with establishing shot

4. Clothes Lines

-clothes lines (building the shots)
-design 3 different clothes lines and we'll copy paste
-have to wait on Freddy for dress design, once you have it, put it on one of the clotheslines

5. Construction

-continue backgrounds

-build the pipe

6. Mom scene

-design/build the 3/4 views of the moms and carriage
-build 3/4 carriage

-copy paste monkey baby for real baby
-add bonnet for real baby
-construction worker mouths

-before and after construction backgrounds (park and inside of carriage)

7. Weenie scene

-redesign hot dog stand (straight, 3/4, side, and other views when leica comes out)
-design and build wheel (straight on, slight 3/4, full 3/4, and full side) barney will help with wobble
-design screaming face for hot dog vendor

-hot dog package!!!
-build hot dog stand
-make hot dog vendor eyes match
-build hot dog vendor
-build hot dog customer

-gross weenie
-put band-aid on it

8. Going down hill (????????)

-are you doing this all by yourself????? that's insane...we'll figure this out. wait for instructions....?

-help with that...wait for instructions???

-wait for instructions......????

9. Explosions

-build multiple explosions

10. Fridge scene
-elena and sean are working on thisssss no worries

11. Monkey on the wheel
-salehin is designing

-background for extreme shot

12.Warp Pan
-dooo that!

13. Monkey hitting barrier
-hit barrier
-hit powerlines

14. Monkey shoots back from powerlines

-do backgrounds

15. Vulture Rapage

-yay more for elena!

-design rotation of vultures after seeing leica

16. Monkey and Scientist
-reuse backgrounds and everything

14 March, 2011

Leica...not today?

Okay, so currently me and Gemal are in the mac lab working on the leica alone.

The boards weren't cut, and we're just taking what's posted on the blog. Problem with that is....I don't know if these are all the boards and if they're even approved...and from what I can see in the comments there are mistakes that need to be fixed. It's already Monday. When are these corrections supposed to happen? They were due on Sunday. Are leica editors supposed to draw them now? Or are corrections going to be made after we make the new leica again? I just don't know.

The leica can't be made over and over again. Especially when it's just two people---we have other classes, we have other jobs in this movie, plus animating, plus a portfolio piece. This is pretty unrealistic and it's all because of a major lack of organization and constant monitoring.

If we made sure the 5 or so storyboard artists were reviewed and finished by Sunday, cut before Monday night, so that the leica editors can just focus on leica only, then this would make sense. But that's not how it is right now, and wasn't the first time either. This is where we get one night deadlines and "Leica copy copy copy copy" from.

We could have avoided cutting altogether by making the boards the right size in the first place. None of these essential preparations are done. We have our jobs in this movie but they are extremely blurred and multiplied and continue to grow exponentially.

Cutting, saving, guessing etc is adding a lot to what is expected of us, and we just met up by chance tonight...nothing was planned. There wasn't a message about where we're meeting, what time, how we're splitting this up, and I really think this kind of organization needs to step up. And there's no one here to approve what we do. Why?

There's nothing new on the hard drive, and this is expected to be done by tomorrow? and we were only informed of this on Friday? But we were waiting on boards till Sunday and still are now. That's one night to do everything; can't push one thing up and not the other.

This distribution isn't working. These kind of short deadlines and especially deadline cuts when it was already only 2 days really isn't going to happen when nothing is organized, planned, and the required pieces aren't there.

So sound will just have to wait. I said on Thursday that I cannot work on this on Tuesday, so anything that is left over tonight (which there will be) is up to someone else. This could have been avoided if everything was watched, planned, and taken care of.

I'd like to say sorry that I can't do this in one night even when we work on this for a bunch of hours, but how is that fair?

Frankly, there are way too many "I don't knows" being put out there consistently, and I think someone needs to get on board with taking care of this movie. We need people to hold this together and have a team that "knows" what's happening and when. Meetings are late, meetings aren't on topic, people needed don't show up, and people needed aren't being told they are needed. Leica editors came in twice during reading week and yet the pressure was all on us and is tonight. In order to have a leica done by tomorrow, sound for the next day, character builds and layouts all by Thursday, and be able to animate this in 7 weeks or less, something has to change.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully someone takes this into serious consideration because I know we all want to finish this film.


Gemal's borads

Adrian's version

Barneys version

13 March, 2011

lab with characters

lab with monkey and scientist

this is the sequence after the vulture lands. the circling vulture is done, but its kind of silly to post it cause it works better as a small video file. i'll just send you guys the files ok? so here... vulture lands and peeks in to... monkey throwing an eraser at the vulture.... then scientist reveal.

next.... the monkey breaking the window.

and additional shots including, the scientist insulting the monkey, monkey landing position and scientist looking down at the monkey shot.

Revised boards from Anna

Here is the hook-up that comes after Gemal's fridge/debris shot:

Here is the revised vulture fight. I changed Norman's wheelchair direction, and I took out the blackboard, to fix the direction problems that came up before. (The black board is now off-screen, to the right of the storyboard panel...which is the other side of the room)

..Hook up to monkey helping the scientist up, then an added shot of blackboard when monkey looks in that direction:

That's all the changes! Let me know if this works.