19 March, 2011

Sorry it took me a while, but it was hard to find a workable design since different board artist had different take on the hot dog stand, I tried to make it work for all the scenes- except for 2nd last one (6)- I don't know what's going on that panal...
and the last one,(7) the stand can't be that high unless it's in the extreme forground, which it isn't so there are some major scale issues on that panal


  1. omg dude these are awesome. yay you!

  2. Just build the finals in Photoshop. They are not animating just moving, so a tight photoshop build is easier, and will work great. The wheels you can use from the single wheel you are going to build. So rock it!

  3. Put a grill on the side that the hot dog maker is on. Check the one i did to clear it up