04 February, 2011


Dude and Dudettes,

Ok, so we picked Adrian's story titled Karma (correct me if im wrong). I beleive that he is working on the actual script over the weekend along with Dani, Cat, and Craig. So by next class I hope to have the full script completely finished so that we can start storyboarding.

As you all know we don't have a lot of time left before the break, meaning that we have little time to do a lot of work. So here is what I propose:

Week 5 (Feb 10th) - The script is finished, and we can start storyboarding and designing characters.
Week 6 (Feb 17th) - Storyboards are done, character designs are finalized, and we start building characters/bgs/etc.
Week 7 (Feb 24th) - Characters/bgs are built, and we do final touches

The schedule is REALLY tight, I know. And we only have one week for each task, but if it really comes down to not being able to meet the deadline, im thinking that we would spill the schedule over into the break and we would do the final touch-up stage during that week. This would allow us one more week for the building process, and give us a little more time overall.

Im trying to make it so that you guys don't have to work on it over the break simply because we'll probably have enough to worry about by then, but should that happen it will be our Plan B.

Im also trying to make it so that we won't have to meet outside of class, but I think we should try to meet up once when the script is done so that we can hand it off to the storyboarding people and designing people early. That way we'll have something to show for Thursday, and start tweaking then instead of just starting then.

The meeting will depend on when Adrian finishes the script, so I will try to talk to him about that. If anybody can give me his email I can give him a shout.

I don't want to put too much on you guys, so thats the short term goal for now. If we can get all the prep work done before the break, or by the time the break is over, then I beleive we should be ok.

Below is the list of who's doing what. It's in alphabetical order (I just feel that this would be easier to read).

Aaron - Character Designer
Adam - Storyboard/Scene Setup
Adrian - Director/Writer/BG Artist
Anna - Storyboard
Cat - Writer/Character Designer
Chewy -Storyboard/Character Designer
Craig - Assistant Director/Writer
Dani - Writer/Sound Editor/SFX
Dave - Sound Editor
Elena - BG Artist
Freddy - Art Director
Gemal - Storyboard/Leica Editor
Immalyn - Character Builder/SFX
Laura - Storyboard/Leica Editor
Mikki -Leica Editor/BG Artist
Min - Storyboard/Character Builder/BG Artist
Salehin - Character Designer
Sean -Character Builder/Compositor
Sonia -Character Designer/BG Artist
Travis - Character Builder/Leica Editor

Min, Mikki, and Freddy were also the ones who were willing to try the crazy animation sections of it.

I don't think I missed anyone? If you feel that you have a heavy work load, let me know and I will address the issue over class next week and we can re-assign some positions or something.

So yeah thats the post for this weekend. I will make another post when I have a better idea of when the script might be finished, so that we can set up a day to meet up.

Other than that here is a link for how I saw the animation when Adrian was describing it. I don't know if it'll be this crazy, but hopefully it can help with the imagination process =)



P.S. Again, my email address is jasonslwong@hotmail.com The two initials in between are lower case "S" and "L".

03 February, 2011

Quick Update

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I have just added Mikki, Travis, and Anna to the Authors so you guys can post now. I will be uploading schedules, and the task list of whos doing what tomorrow afternoon, or by Sunday. So keep checking back, and ill do my best to keep you guys up to date.

and happy chinese new year :)

-- Jason