21 April, 2011


good job everyone!!!

here, have a drink!

everyone get sprung!


12 April, 2011

the hotdog animates... but i can't upload swf files to here so you're gonna have to wait!

hands will be added in the epic up shot but otherwise it's done!

09 April, 2011

The countdown is on!

Hope everyone isn't getting too bogged down yet!

If there are any issues with your scenes please don't wait for Thursday to get them answered! Remember all your scenes need to be animated for next class. You might as well get them as complete as possible so there are less corrections for the final week.

Good luck and have a good weekend!

06 April, 2011

05 April, 2011

BG 01

my job for layout is all done now...

I will hand in all those big psd files to Jason....or who ever is in charge of this tomorrow.

04 April, 2011


this is

I forgot to mention that this one can be used for


apparently Dani is the one whos animating these scenes
I will talk to her first and if it dosent work I will make more

03 April, 2011


Trike and Wheel

Just wondering if there is a wheel prop made (for the scenes where the monkey is running around on a wheel).

...Or a trike to extract the wheel from?



I just uploaded all the character builds, and layouts that are on the hard drive onto DropBox. I think all the files are CS5 files. I don't know if that makes a difference to anyone, but just a quick reminder just in case. Some layouts are still missing, but do what you can. Missing layouts include (in order of scene number):

- 1a and b
- 11
- 21
- 24-52
- 56-62
- 64
- 67-70
- 73b
- 74
- 76-82

ASSIGNED BGs as listed on the hard drive:
Adam - scene 11, 44, 70
Adrian - 33, and 36
Alice - 76
Anna - 74, 77
Cat - 32, 34, 35, 36
Chewy - 45-49
Craig - 69
Dani - 21, 29, 31, 37, 38, 50, 51, 79
Jessie - 1b, 52
Joe - 25, 26, 27, 28, 30
Laura - 39 - 43
Mikki - 24, 82
Min - 1, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 64, 67, 68
Sonya - 78, 80, 81

If you have a scene without a background, these are the people responsible for them. Hunt Them Down!

I need to add you to DropBox before you can access the files. I sent an email out to the people who are on blogspot already, but if you haven't received an email about it email me at jasonslwong@hotmail.com and I will send you the invite immediately. As we need to have at least one of our scenes animated and the rest posed out, it is vital that you let me know whether or not you can access these files because I am not responsible for anybody losing 10% just because you couldn't get your stuff together.

Also if, for some reason, you still can't get the files they are located on the Mac Servers as backup files. You can log in at your convenience. Goto [Go>Connect To Server> type in the code, log in] and voila!

I have also uploaded the cut up leica onto DropBox. Find your name, and the mov files will be in there (if you don't have these files already). There will also be notes on some of them telling you what needs to be animated and whats just a pan etc, I think you know who you are though so it shouldn't be a problem. If there is a text file saying READ ME FIRST, id suggest reading it first though.

It is also thanks to Mikki that all of this is possible, she made everything so organized and convenient, hunting people down and doing whatever was necessary to get us to this point. So all the credit goes to her for all of this. So thank you Mikki! =)

I think thats everything...

OH and you don't have to install DropBox in order to access the files. Just create an account, log in, and you should be able to download the files I uploaded. The only thing is that I need to add you before you can see the files, so email me and ill add you (the email above).... GO! Go do it now! Ill wait....
Done? Good. I will add you ASAP

Thats it for me, let me know if you have any other questions. Ill be checking my email religiously. Happy animating.

- peace

more is coming ...today.....or tomorrow....

02 April, 2011

scene setup tutorial

what you need:
adobe flash
adobe media encoder
mpeg streamclip- download here for free http://www.squared5.com/
scene setup http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9P61IIZS

1) open scene setup

2) go to file-import-import to stage
select your leica mov

3) press embed flv in swf and play in timeline
then click Launch adobe media encoder

4) click add and then start queue
it will then convert it

5) complete step 2 again (go to file-import-import to stage) but this time with your new flv file
select new flv file and click embed flv in swf and play in timeline once again

6) click continue-continue-finish

now you have the leica
7) resize it o fit the work area (you may have to skew it)

8)then you can copy frames of the leica
and double click on the scene to take you in
paste frames of leica on leica layer (also paste this in monkey build)

9) to get audio, open the leica file with mpeg stream clip

10) go to file-export audio
click ok and save

11) go back to flash and import sound

12) cut down scene to where the sound clip ends

13) then import bg to stage
make sure you import all the layers needed

14)resize bg and props

15) convert any props or anything that needs to be animated to symbols

16) open the character build file and select the character. Then click copy frames and paste frames on the char1 layer in your scene setup

17) double click monkey to go inside build

18) select the position you need and alt+drag it to the second row of key frames at the beginning.

alt+drag the original the side
then shift drag the position you need to the beginning

19) make sure the looping is set to 1

20) now you can start animating!

I hope this helps! If you have any problems feel free to ask.

01 April, 2011


JOEEEEEEEEEEE - I need the clothing lines so I can finish the 1st monkey dress scene.

scene set-up

Does anyone have the notes on how to do this properly?

Animation weekend!

If people are interested in a group animating session at some point this weekend, so we can help each other and get everyone up to speed, let us know or just show up. We will get security to open the class room and bust this thing up! Adrian has said he will be at school both Saturday and Sunday and I plan to be there just on Sunday. If you need help let either one of us know a time and we will try our best get you going.


For next week you must have at LEAST 1 scene animated COMPLETE with BG ready for critique and minor fixes. All your other scenes should be set up and characters posed out! Failure to have this done will LOOSE YOU MARKS and will slow this movie down and we are already behind. So please get at least that done.

vulture revised poses

27 March, 2011

Finalised Layouts.... maybe....

 Scene 53 - now with windows and doors!

Scene 58 - I made longer anyway so the animator can decide how fast everything goes...

Scenes 63, 65, 66 - These shots go by FAST. You don't actually see much of this... pretty much what's in the field guide, maybe even less... The animator can decide how many times they want to repeat the pan...

Scene 75 -Should I maybe put some garbage cans or something as an overlay? Adrian, since you're animating this, what do you think?

26 March, 2011

Questions about these scenes....

Scene 58 - Cut back to Monkey (nun scene)
I think we're supposed to be tracking along with the monkey and then he goes off screen? Would I have to make the drawing longer?

Scene 63 - I know the monkeys breaking, but I don't see the connection to these two shots... Not that it would affect the layout since it'll be a big blur anyway... but yeah, I don't get this part!

Layouts - WIP

 Just want to let you all know how my layouts are progressing... Feedback would be great! Everything is still work in progess, I haven't used the brushes on any of these yet.

Scene 53 - Monkey starts riding hot dog cart 
Note: This is not a pan... Monkey enters and exits scene. Still need to add details to doors/windows

Scene 75 - Bouncing Monkey Shot (right before warp pan) 

Random objects in BG

24 March, 2011

outside shot

There's not really much to go on for outside layouts because they haven't been done or posted or just generally passed around, so this is what I came up with during class today. I had Adam check the colours on it too, so this is just an example of what you could use since there isn't really a palette for outside things. The trees and bushes I stole from Alice. =]

Maybe it needs some texture? I dunno, what do you layout people do for that? ;]

*This is the shot where the monkey will fly in towards the two women and the baby carriage.


just a note... when the trees are inserted in the layouts, they might have too much contrast. (CONTRAST= FOCUS and these trees are not the focus of the animation. ever.) in which case, sample the colour of the branches/trunks, and paint bucket it on your INITIAL trees, but at 60-70% opacity. i hope i said that clearly....

House/Building Variations

House variations for all the flat shots I have to do... :) Adam, I'll fix them up and have each shot cropped and coloured for you to fix up this weekend. Sound good?

Trees and Bushes

Adam, what do you think? Maybe we can put these in each scene for consistency?


bg's should be at least 3400x4400

but if it's a pan or trek in then bigger accordingly.

3x the HD resolution is normal. (1920x1080).

which means 5760x3240 for pans and trucks in

sorry i forgot to post this earliar.

22 March, 2011

Layout and Builders

Layout and Builders and Freddy/Aaron,

check your email, i've sent emails to people.

sorry it took so long.



Is it possible to get the updated list of layouts that need to be completed by Min, Chewy and I?

I thank ya! ^_^

21 March, 2011


with experiment table thing

without experiment table thing

I think it's better to just remove it completely
also i added some beautiful shafts of light and a teal gradient to give the room a dramatic effect


some more colour schemes!!!! we don't want all the layouts looking exactly the same right?

so do some cool stuff with these colours! take note of what i wrote about COLOUR ACCENTS! (colour accents are bright colours that bring a lot of attention to themselves, so yeah, just use them sparsely)


the lab is roughly done, i didn't put the texture brush yet. I post it just in case someone need it tonight, and if you guys wanna to change the color! p.s. i put two different one here, one is with blue "glass" on top, one is without! It's all up to you guys!

thanks for the advice! :')