21 March, 2011


the lab is roughly done, i didn't put the texture brush yet. I post it just in case someone need it tonight, and if you guys wanna to change the color! p.s. i put two different one here, one is with blue "glass" on top, one is without! It's all up to you guys!

thanks for the advice! :')


  1. I really love it!!!
    my favourite one is with the blue glass

  2. ---> Elena, i luv that one too, but i don't know if it's going to add more work for the other layout guys!! :'P btw, do you think "the body" will too simple? what i'm struggling now, that i think most of the scenes about the lab will be really small, nobody will pay too much attention on the bottom, that's why i didn't put too much detail on the bottom! what do you think? Thanks :')

  3. I think the body is fine!
    also, there are not to many shots with the lab so i don't think it will be too much of a hassle to add the grid on top. and that's the part of the building that will have the most focus put on it, so i think it's nice that it has that detail.

  4. ok... that's what i think too! thanks, Elena!!

  5. No problem :)
    also, you'll probably have to change the colour of the glass grid because it is too close to the official sky colour that adam just posted