26 March, 2011

Questions about these scenes....

Scene 58 - Cut back to Monkey (nun scene)
I think we're supposed to be tracking along with the monkey and then he goes off screen? Would I have to make the drawing longer?

Scene 63 - I know the monkeys breaking, but I don't see the connection to these two shots... Not that it would affect the layout since it'll be a big blur anyway... but yeah, I don't get this part!

1 comment:

  1. I don't think you will have to make the drawing longer, it is supposed to be pretty quick. But I'm not sure.

    The second part is as if he has dropped off the trike and is now digging his feet into the road, we had shots showing him drop down but I guess it got taken out. Try to put him leaning against the cart and not the front wheel, although I'm not sure if its built to handle that. If that wont work have him holding the front wheel back instead.
    Good luck!