26 March, 2011

Layouts - WIP

 Just want to let you all know how my layouts are progressing... Feedback would be great! Everything is still work in progess, I haven't used the brushes on any of these yet.

Scene 53 - Monkey starts riding hot dog cart 
Note: This is not a pan... Monkey enters and exits scene. Still need to add details to doors/windows

Scene 75 - Bouncing Monkey Shot (right before warp pan) 

Random objects in BG


  1. i personally think these look great. the only thing i would change is the cloud shapes... i don't feel that they quite fit into the layout. i'll do some designs and put them up tomorrow so people can just put them in.

  2. woooooo hooooooo nice, Alice!!!!!

  3. Ya these are looking great, don't go nuts on details for the second one seeing as its a pan.