26 March, 2011

Questions about these scenes....

Scene 58 - Cut back to Monkey (nun scene)
I think we're supposed to be tracking along with the monkey and then he goes off screen? Would I have to make the drawing longer?

Scene 63 - I know the monkeys breaking, but I don't see the connection to these two shots... Not that it would affect the layout since it'll be a big blur anyway... but yeah, I don't get this part!

Layouts - WIP

 Just want to let you all know how my layouts are progressing... Feedback would be great! Everything is still work in progess, I haven't used the brushes on any of these yet.

Scene 53 - Monkey starts riding hot dog cart 
Note: This is not a pan... Monkey enters and exits scene. Still need to add details to doors/windows

Scene 75 - Bouncing Monkey Shot (right before warp pan) 

Random objects in BG

24 March, 2011

outside shot

There's not really much to go on for outside layouts because they haven't been done or posted or just generally passed around, so this is what I came up with during class today. I had Adam check the colours on it too, so this is just an example of what you could use since there isn't really a palette for outside things. The trees and bushes I stole from Alice. =]

Maybe it needs some texture? I dunno, what do you layout people do for that? ;]

*This is the shot where the monkey will fly in towards the two women and the baby carriage.


just a note... when the trees are inserted in the layouts, they might have too much contrast. (CONTRAST= FOCUS and these trees are not the focus of the animation. ever.) in which case, sample the colour of the branches/trunks, and paint bucket it on your INITIAL trees, but at 60-70% opacity. i hope i said that clearly....

House/Building Variations

House variations for all the flat shots I have to do... :) Adam, I'll fix them up and have each shot cropped and coloured for you to fix up this weekend. Sound good?

Trees and Bushes

Adam, what do you think? Maybe we can put these in each scene for consistency?


bg's should be at least 3400x4400

but if it's a pan or trek in then bigger accordingly.

3x the HD resolution is normal. (1920x1080).

which means 5760x3240 for pans and trucks in

sorry i forgot to post this earliar.

22 March, 2011

Layout and Builders

Layout and Builders and Freddy/Aaron,

check your email, i've sent emails to people.

sorry it took so long.



Is it possible to get the updated list of layouts that need to be completed by Min, Chewy and I?

I thank ya! ^_^

21 March, 2011


with experiment table thing

without experiment table thing

I think it's better to just remove it completely
also i added some beautiful shafts of light and a teal gradient to give the room a dramatic effect


some more colour schemes!!!! we don't want all the layouts looking exactly the same right?

so do some cool stuff with these colours! take note of what i wrote about COLOUR ACCENTS! (colour accents are bright colours that bring a lot of attention to themselves, so yeah, just use them sparsely)


the lab is roughly done, i didn't put the texture brush yet. I post it just in case someone need it tonight, and if you guys wanna to change the color! p.s. i put two different one here, one is with blue "glass" on top, one is without! It's all up to you guys!

thanks for the advice! :')

it's hot! you better blow on it

haha, no not that kind of blow!!!

so this is a progresss... likes? dislikes???


Elena ^^

can you put the table to the left in this one? we need it for a scientist shot.

thank youuu

other layout people
i'm going to post the layout list soon
im working on it.

To: Min (the inspiration)

the above is the LA city, i hope you will like these!!

Sonya :')

Pan bg

Different warped construction bars on layers within photoshop file.
Adrian, sending this to you via email.

New Leica

New Leica from the weekend!
Lemme know what you guys think.
Btw this again is unlisted, it's only through this link.


20 March, 2011


Hey guys, just letting you know where I got this weekend.

There were 3 versions of the leica currently being used, they were all different, and i made a master version. i combined what everyone had all over the place, so please do not make new files or go try to find your old one. trust me i grabbed everything each person changed.

I'd like this to be the new format of each file:


this way, we know who last worked on it, and on what day, instead of depending on last modified and we can ask the last person what they did. so make sure you change the number, and add ur name and the date.

As I said before please do not name things:


it's messing up the leica. if we ever need to reconnect images, and that's what they are called, if there are 5 images called "1.jpg" it will pick randomly which one it wants and use that. The images will then get messed up on the leica. it's too late to rename them now, it would take me hours to fix, so please in the future refrain from this. put your name and then numbers on it please. I can't organize the boards when there are the files are already in use.


I added a few things into the leica that seemed to have dissapeared over time. or just didn't work when it went to other files. mostly effects. if we need more shaking lemme know.

Dave also added some sounds and changed a few scary ones. yay him ^^. in the ***ALL AUDIO EVER*** folder, there is a new one there called "GEMAL JUST GOT THESE PUT THEM IN nun,bounce,launch,scream sounds". Dave also has a folder, i'm not sure if he used them all. but they're all there.


i've organized the harddrive. i went through all the blog posts up to now, along with facebook, and saved every picture or link that everyone posted. now no one has to back track to find old posts everything is there. i sorted characters by who did them (for the most part), and i put the finals in a separate folder so if the builders need them we can send them out.they are in the folder called:

Blog and Facebook

There is also a file called "Original Task List" and I want EVERYONE to update what they've done so far. I know the jobs are all over the place now, so please let us know what you've worked on so nothing is forgotten.

If any Layout artists have not grabbed the brushes they need for their backgrounds, please do, it is now available in the harddrive as well.

All the rough leica videos are in one folder, I renamed them in order of how they were exported since they all had different names.

Once we start getting going past the Leica, I will make final folders for whoever is scene setup. Official backgrounds, Official final boards, etc, for the scene-setup people.

I'll be posting the new leica on youtube soon, and sorting out each shot and what everyone is doing.


What we still need to do before Wednesday night:


Make a list of sounds we need
Get them from websites or look through the insane amount we already have
Make a silent track of white noise and insert when needed
Figure out what's going on with music?
Any final boards I guess...(do not recommend)

If anyone can be here Wednesday night to help out Barney, that would be great.

Thanks everyone XD

Moments before nuns get wienered

Where is everyone else at?

That was a great birthday present to see the work from those of you who worked hard yesterday :) thanks.  We're doing good work, but lets keep it up!

Does anybody know anything about where the builders are at? can you guys please speak up?  Were going to start animating what we can next week so we definitely need the beginning monkey poses and a scientist. 

Travis, Ill build that one confusing cart for now, (where its all blurred and charging at the nuns) and then see where you're at with the others and help with it.  Ill make the wheel and it's rotations too.

Can we get some final outside shots to work from guys?

Cat can you post what you have, and get it finished quickly so I can build the pipe?

Mikki, Just stop working on what you're doing with the lieca now, I will finish it tomorrow.  Can you please extract all the background shots we need from the boards and be like a manager for that.  Look at similar shots and think of ways we can just copy and paste trees and houses and stuff. Once that's done (Ill give you a few days for that) we will have a clearer conscience for the over all approach of our layouts.  are you willing?

Thanks guys.

more layouts

I added an elevator and I closed the windows here

pan shot

Fail Meeting Today: New one Monday night


After animation lecture on Monday, we're having a meeting!

Meet in the B room!


-Mikki ^^