01 April, 2011


JOEEEEEEEEEEE - I need the clothing lines so I can finish the 1st monkey dress scene.


  1. ok cat. i hate to be an ass-butt, but these colours do not match any of the colour schemes i provided, and they don't have a brush texture over them either!!!! :0

    also, you can't just use the image that min posted, because it's low resolution. i don't mind that you used min's pictures, but they were small picture files and the two first images are blurry because of this.

    if you want to do fix this up in a small amount of time, i suggest you just trace over min's house designs with the PEN tool in photoshop, so that they are vectors, and then just send that to me and i'll scribble down the colours, then you can finalize it with my colour suggestions.

    this should take you about... 2 to 3 hours, not too bad i think...

    compositionally though, they are fine, so just colour and texture designs are needed.

  2. actuaklly, on second thought, the colours are ok except for the greens. but please fix the low resolution problem!

  3. And make the colour of the windows the same :)