02 April, 2011

scene setup tutorial

what you need:
adobe flash
adobe media encoder
mpeg streamclip- download here for free http://www.squared5.com/
scene setup http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9P61IIZS

1) open scene setup

2) go to file-import-import to stage
select your leica mov

3) press embed flv in swf and play in timeline
then click Launch adobe media encoder

4) click add and then start queue
it will then convert it

5) complete step 2 again (go to file-import-import to stage) but this time with your new flv file
select new flv file and click embed flv in swf and play in timeline once again

6) click continue-continue-finish

now you have the leica
7) resize it o fit the work area (you may have to skew it)

8)then you can copy frames of the leica
and double click on the scene to take you in
paste frames of leica on leica layer (also paste this in monkey build)

9) to get audio, open the leica file with mpeg stream clip

10) go to file-export audio
click ok and save

11) go back to flash and import sound

12) cut down scene to where the sound clip ends

13) then import bg to stage
make sure you import all the layers needed

14)resize bg and props

15) convert any props or anything that needs to be animated to symbols

16) open the character build file and select the character. Then click copy frames and paste frames on the char1 layer in your scene setup

17) double click monkey to go inside build

18) select the position you need and alt+drag it to the second row of key frames at the beginning.

alt+drag the original the side
then shift drag the position you need to the beginning

19) make sure the looping is set to 1

20) now you can start animating!

I hope this helps! If you have any problems feel free to ask.


  1. Thanks Elena, this is great!

  2. thank you elena, this is awesome! you are godly.

  3. Thanks Elena!!!! that helps a lot!!!! :')