13 March, 2011

this is the sequence after the vulture lands. the circling vulture is done, but its kind of silly to post it cause it works better as a small video file. i'll just send you guys the files ok? so here... vulture lands and peeks in to... monkey throwing an eraser at the vulture.... then scientist reveal.

next.... the monkey breaking the window.

and additional shots including, the scientist insulting the monkey, monkey landing position and scientist looking down at the monkey shot.


  1. ps, im sorry these suck, i drew it nicely yesterday but i didn't save and someone turned off my computer, and i lost 16 hours worth of storyboard material. kidding. not that much but at least 4.

  2. The first part looks like it will work.
    Is the monkey hitting the window multiple times? Maybe if the SFX that makes the scientist "halt" was something else like the monkey landing on the window sill? Then he only hits the window once in your nicely put epic way. Also, Whats supposed to be happening in the close ups of the scientist? Just looks like his brow gets darker.

    Good stuff though. Sorry to hear about the lost work!