14 March, 2011

Leica...not today?

Okay, so currently me and Gemal are in the mac lab working on the leica alone.

The boards weren't cut, and we're just taking what's posted on the blog. Problem with that is....I don't know if these are all the boards and if they're even approved...and from what I can see in the comments there are mistakes that need to be fixed. It's already Monday. When are these corrections supposed to happen? They were due on Sunday. Are leica editors supposed to draw them now? Or are corrections going to be made after we make the new leica again? I just don't know.

The leica can't be made over and over again. Especially when it's just two people---we have other classes, we have other jobs in this movie, plus animating, plus a portfolio piece. This is pretty unrealistic and it's all because of a major lack of organization and constant monitoring.

If we made sure the 5 or so storyboard artists were reviewed and finished by Sunday, cut before Monday night, so that the leica editors can just focus on leica only, then this would make sense. But that's not how it is right now, and wasn't the first time either. This is where we get one night deadlines and "Leica copy copy copy copy" from.

We could have avoided cutting altogether by making the boards the right size in the first place. None of these essential preparations are done. We have our jobs in this movie but they are extremely blurred and multiplied and continue to grow exponentially.

Cutting, saving, guessing etc is adding a lot to what is expected of us, and we just met up by chance tonight...nothing was planned. There wasn't a message about where we're meeting, what time, how we're splitting this up, and I really think this kind of organization needs to step up. And there's no one here to approve what we do. Why?

There's nothing new on the hard drive, and this is expected to be done by tomorrow? and we were only informed of this on Friday? But we were waiting on boards till Sunday and still are now. That's one night to do everything; can't push one thing up and not the other.

This distribution isn't working. These kind of short deadlines and especially deadline cuts when it was already only 2 days really isn't going to happen when nothing is organized, planned, and the required pieces aren't there.

So sound will just have to wait. I said on Thursday that I cannot work on this on Tuesday, so anything that is left over tonight (which there will be) is up to someone else. This could have been avoided if everything was watched, planned, and taken care of.

I'd like to say sorry that I can't do this in one night even when we work on this for a bunch of hours, but how is that fair?

Frankly, there are way too many "I don't knows" being put out there consistently, and I think someone needs to get on board with taking care of this movie. We need people to hold this together and have a team that "knows" what's happening and when. Meetings are late, meetings aren't on topic, people needed don't show up, and people needed aren't being told they are needed. Leica editors came in twice during reading week and yet the pressure was all on us and is tonight. In order to have a leica done by tomorrow, sound for the next day, character builds and layouts all by Thursday, and be able to animate this in 7 weeks or less, something has to change.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully someone takes this into serious consideration because I know we all want to finish this film.



  1. you could have gotten your point across in like, one paragraph!


    anyways, i'll send all my boards to you then.

  2. just try not to ramble or your intentions get scrambled! :3

  3. I just finished cutting your boards a few minutes ago. You have new ones now? Why? What? Why aren't they on the blog? Am I getting them by email or on the blog? What email of mine are you using?

  4. they are in your email! i think it's invader MIK.

  5. So we're holding off sound till Wednesday I guess then.

  6. Oh, and thanks for the update. Its really frustrating doing all the sound and finding out its not timed yet.

  7. I got kicked out of the lab before I even got Adam's new boards so they're not cut. Ana's, Laura's, and Adam's not-so-updated boards from the blog are cut up, but they never even got put into the file.

    I can't do anything tomorrow, and Gemal might only beable to do it for an hour...so this has to be done by someone else unfortunately.

    I or Adam could send whoever is working on the leica Adam's new boards...but it looks like Min's section is completely missing, so you guys can't finish sound till all of those are received cut and put in.

    The leica people can only do so much timing without the sounds being there. It's better now that there are some sounds but when there was nothing it was really hard. I'm not sure what you mean possibly?

    And as stressful as the update is, your welcome. Call tomorrow if you need to know something if something new happens or what not.

  8. I emailed Adrian adam's new boards.