19 March, 2011

Meeting today

Hey Guy's

So right now just me and Craig are here, and pretty soon I'm going to have to ditch him to go do birthday things.  I hope you guys are still planning on coming because there's lots of work to do and we can all use some extra motivation. Right now were downloading sounds, so we really need Lieca and Sound editors to be here.  Dave, can you try to be here tomorrow afternoon so me and you can Finalize the Lieca as much as we can?

How are the Backgrounds going? can you guys post some stuff?

For the designers who have to make more poses, we need that stuff ASAP!!!!
Freddy, I know you got alot to do but it doesn't have to be all cleaned and coloured, look at Chewy's stuff.  Just please get it done because all that stuff has to be built in 5 days! 
Salehin, We need those cart rotations. make at least one with the kind of line quality were going to have for the final builds.

Travis, once Salehin is done the designs I wont mind helping you with some cart builds.  I'm not a great character builder, otherwise I'd be all over helping out with all the monkey rotations, but I think i can manage a cart.  Lets get some other people helping out the builders!

Hope to see you all soon, I'll be here again tomorrow.

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