06 February, 2011


Sorry for the confusion Craig, hotmail assumed your email address as Junk and sent it to my Junk email folder. I don't know why it did that, but you weren't the only one. Dani's, and Laura's were also sent there. In any case I fixed the problem now, so you along with Dani, Laura and Freddy have been added to the posting list =).


  1. Barney here: Don’t see any progress here, so here’s my 2 cents. I like the idea of a litterbug, maybe make this happen within a small area as you said. The centre of a city, where a guy (or girl) basically drives their car from one parking spot to the next leaving the car idoling, and being a fat lazy asshole. Then everything can happen around that car, and end up getting them in the end. Maybe start it off with him/her rolling up the rim from a Hortons cup but only winning a timbit and throwing the cup on the ground. Maybe ashing out his smoke in the half finished coffee first, and throwing it into a snow bank, as he/she leaves the car to go get something trivial like another coffee to try again, or to the bank, or liquor store, or strippers, or drycleaners, or whatever, that’s only 2 parking spaces away. Maybe a construction worker see’s the cup way down there and leans on a switch to look through his binoculars to see if it’s a winner but then knocks over a pile of bricks or beam which starts the chain reaction. Or a light cig could hit a seeing eyedog in the eyes, making the owner walk into a saffholding, knocking over a bucket of soapy water, onto a water colour painting leaving the store, which..... and then think of the ending. What could happen to the guy as a karma? Maybe he goes to light another smoke but a pail of water lands on him soaking him and putting out his lighter? He gets sausages up the nose flying out of the butcher shop?...

    So think about it, and write this mother!!!!

  2. Hey Barney,

    Me, Craig and Dani had our first meeting yesterday. However, we did stray pretty far from the first concept. Well have the story posted by tonight. Please let us know what you think soon so we can start planning designs and shots. If you think the first idea is more the way we should be going, we could further develop what you have here. No biggy, i think they'd both be fun.