10 February, 2011

Update on Task List

Aaron - Character Designer
Adam - Storyboard
Adrian - Director/Writer/BG Artist
Alice - BG Artist/Back up for which ever area needs help
Anna - Storyboard/Crazy Animation
Cat - Character Designer
Chewy - Character Designer
Craig - Assistant Director
Dani - Writer/Sound Editor/SFX
Dave - Sound Editor
Elena - BG Artist
Freddy - Art Director
Gemal - Storyboard/Leica Editor/Crazy Animation
Immalyn - Character Builder/SFX
Laura - Storyboard/Compositor
Mikki -Leica Editor/BG Artist/Crazy Animation
Min - Storyboard/Character Builder/BG Artist/Crazy Animation
Salehin - Character Designer
Sean -Character Builder/Compositor
Sonia -Character Designer/BG Artist
Travis - Character Builder/Leica Editor/Crazy Animation

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jason, could you please email me the list of everyone's emails when you find time?
    Thank you.