21 February, 2011

unfinished layouts

Inside the lab!!!!!! I'm not sure if these will be the colours.


  1. i really like the colours, even if those aren't going to be them. the blackboard looks great.

    [i have some suggestions about the floor..it's lengthy but hopefully it's clear]:

    when i first looked at this, i had forgotten our lab was going to be a circle...so at first glance, that green/teal pole-thing looked like it was the corner line of the room, and then there was a curve and i got confused cuz it's such a flat style trying to show roundness. it's clear in the second picture but if i got confused the audience might. soo0o0o0o...

    i think the tile floor is also jarring so, i was thinking we could do one of 2 things for the final.

    we could put a flat border around the edge of the room like this:


    and just make the tile floor meet up to that edge, and then the audience wont be confused about the shape of the room.

    option 2, is we change the actual style of the tile floor like this:


    and keep it being a tile floor, but more round based, getting bigger towards the wall.

    hope that makes sense! i do really like this though, i don't mean to put it down.

  2. hm, the flat border idea is cool, but i don't like the idea of the circular tiles cause it would create a weird composition, since it creates a central pattern and there's nothing really important at the centre of the room.
    also i really like the tiles.
    cause i forced her to do them.
    they were my idea.
    i put a cat to her head and told her to do it.
    don't make me put a cat to your head...

  3. haha! the tiles were adam's idea. it seems he wants to give me as much work as possible.
    so i went with the border idea for now and I think it looks pretty good.
    and i moved the pipe so it doesn't look like a corner.
    and thanks for the suggestion

  4. lol flat border flat border then!!! no circular tiles >0<!!!! i dont want a cat on my heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!

  5. Great work Elena! Really like it! Nice. Cat on the head always makes you see the light!