20 February, 2011

Next Meeting This Tuesday!!!

Hey guys,

So we had a little bit of progress and a nice meeting today but we are still behind schedule. 

I'm not too worried about character designers since we have so many of you guys, but so far we're all liking Aaron's designs so we will go with that style.  Sorry Sonya, I heard you had some great designs but nobody had a chance to see them.  Mikki is going to talk to Aaron about designing a new version of the monkey. We like the oldness of him, keep in mind we might want to give him white hairs. Please also design a contrasting Scientist, Kind of like the one Salehin drew. 

Chewy: use the two Nuns Aaron already did and make a 3rd fat one, then make some angel versions of the two and add a panda with wings for the fat one. Make two vultures- wife and husband.

Salehin:  Take what we said about your vendor and change him.  Make a concept for his tricycle and well push it farther once the final layout style is decided.  Make a customer.

Sonya: make the two women and a concept for a baby carriage. once the monkey is designed you will be designing a human baby who has the exact same build as the monkey.

Cat: Design the two random dudes who will be enjoying some beers on a roof top lawn chair party. design their chairs and beer bottles.  Design a rickshaw concept.

Please post your characters ASAP!

More than anything else, we really need to focus on the story boards!

Adam:  We need Elena's chalkboard room roughly finished soon so we can start planning compositions.  Me you and Craig will all work on the starting shots to really ad some camera drama in that room between monkey and scientist.  At this time we will discuss the colour and the light beam from window.  Keep up the good work. remember, when the monkey leaves the window through the clothes lines hes going left to right.  Maybe ad the awning for now and well take it out if it sucks.  We're not too worried about the colour theme just yet

Laura:  We will post up a few changes we decided on, but your part is pretty much completed. Thanks for posting it on time.

Min:  Were expecting something from you tonight.  Have the rickshaw going down hill from right to left.

Jamal: lets see those changes we talked about up here soon. just a reminder, Right to left.

Anna: get some teacher assistance for the lamp post shot before Tuesdays meeting! Please finish the board soon! have the monkey hit the curb comming in from right to left (so my drawings today are wrong)

We need every bodies establishing layouts soon.  Some of you guys are needed sooner than others. We need to set a Style in stone!! If anyone wants to be

Elena: Please Design the Chalkboard room inside the scientists domicile. Were going to have to plan Adam's Story Board before you start doing rough layouts so Please try and get all your work done now so you will have extra time Tuesday and Wednesday (and maybe even thursday morning at latest) to get some BG's done!

Mikki:  Have fun because you're making your own for Larua's  board.  Remember, At this point the monkey is going right to left

Alice: Get some roughs done, but i don't think your warp pans are too important yet so don't kill yourself. well wait till we can get that book and some extra lectures on it so we can make these purdee.

Min: You are your own boss since you're boardin it too.  Lets make that Nuns Floating to Heaven Scene epic alright. Im interested to see what you get.

Sonya: Make A funny looking Lamp post that has Horizontal Beams for the monkey to swing around on.  Make a rough concept of a hill comming down to a 3 point intersection and have the lampost right in the middle of the bottom of the hill. 

I Really need you guys to complete your jobs before the meeting.  The meeting will be on Tuesday the 22nd at 5:05 (after some of us have life drawing class) In the C room.  Please Be ready to Give at least an hour of your time.  

Thanks a lot team,


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  1. Adrian: I think you've got everything, but you missed finishing this sentence

    "We need every bodies establishing layouts soon. Some of you guys are needed sooner than others. We need to set a Style in stone!! If anyone wants to be...." a what?

    And please redo an over-head view of our action seeing as you don't like the square version. Just something rough to get the idea across that the monkey is going in one direction then getting turned around at whatever point.