23 February, 2011

Hot dog vendor, customer, and rough hot dog stand


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  2. -to adam- last time it did have yellow on the vendor's apron- a dark mustard yellow actually lol so it was your screen- i toned it down a bit on this one -ps. not to scale- yet

  3. Looks great to me, nice work! Love the wiener trike. I almost feel that the monkey should jump on and start trying to ride it to freedom then head down the hill into the nuns. Unless we really want the rickshaw. Just seems that we set this up too open ended and never really said how he gets into the rickshaw in the first place. We could still cut to Norman but when we cut back the monkey is taking off with buns and condiments flying and the vendor and customer shaking their fists.
    Yes No? I'll bring it up tomorrow, but it would save creating the rickshaw.