21 February, 2011

so, the order of images is 5, 6, 7, 4, 3, 2, 1. i don't know how to edit it in here :/ it keeps on deleting images.


  1. adam!

    this is totally what i meant about the colour inside the room. all purpleish with yellow rim lighting.


    on the left of the picture it's a little more cool, and has the blue sky, but it's still the same effect. it's all dark and gloomy, and depending if we want the warm purples like in the middle of the picture or closer to the blues on the right, it still leaves us the choice of it being sunny outside or whatever time of day we want (it doesnt have to be sunset for this to work it was just the first example i thought of) and we can have rays of like coming in from the window.

    hope that clears up what i was trying to explain.

  2. oh, cool. yeah i see what you meant now. this works well at dawn too.. but the rim light would seem odd if it's midday. i don't know. i guess we'll gifure it out tomorrow.