15 February, 2011

Starting directions for art direction

Layout team:
Here's a very rough layout of the scientists lab. Play around with the Idea.  We also need a rough simulation of where the scientists lab building, with the cafe on lower level, will be placed.  It should be on top of a hill of a residential neighborhood, with clothes lines hanging over the street, or possibly in an alley way.
 Layout, designers, directors, anyone:
 Here's a kind of wonky but original style for flat houses that may be passed on the street. I don't think we should loop the houses when the monkey starts going faster (because the originality of each design would look too obvious). So layout artists, Story boarders, art directors, anyone who wants to in put some designs or styles is welcome. Let's all have fun creating some funny houses once the style is picked! (this is simply an example of the direction were going) Try to start playing with colour themes too.
Story boarders: Pick one scene from inside, and one outside movement each.  Plan a way we can do the movement and make a concept for the interior shot.  Here's just some concepts of interior apartment shots (before the apartment layout was made).
I see the interior of the apartment having its own theme aside from the rest of the outside world, use heavy silhouettes, Shadows on characters, and Dull colours. Its a depressing place for a monkey before the world tries to kill it.
I will post an example of a movement shortly.

Character Designers: We need a character design sheet of the monkey from everyone on the character design team.  Show a few extreme emotions,  and a size comparison between the monkey and the wheelchair so we can start story boarding.  I like where my monkey with the spiky hair is going, make him simple enough so we can either rig him, or classically animate him during certain movements.  We need this design soon so you guys can start basing the other characters off it.     

This should take us off to a good start.

Thanks Guys,


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  1. For story boarders I think we should have them work on the story in its entirety for the moment so we have a few shots to choose from but then when we need finalized boards they can choose between themselves who wants to do which part in case someone has good ideas for a specific scene.

    For the monkey I like the top right one most. As they stand right now the spiky hair one just seems like a monster and we need something for people to attach to if we want them feeling anything for what the monkey is going for. Maybe have the crazy, unkempt, wild style but have an endearing face??