15 February, 2011

Regarding scientist

Can we keep his robotic voice at least?

I liked that he was in a large part, machine.

There's this song called God Monkey Robot that goes like "first came god, then came the monkey, then came the robot!" (ie. monkeys=humans; robots= machines/computers,etc)

..Or maybe the scientist is fully robot/computer, his attitude is the same as in the script, human-like, almost developing feelings for the monkey in the end. (He still fires him.)

Just an idea.


  1. Interesting idea but I feel we need to keep the scientist/hawking human or else we loose the human element. If its just a robot mistreating a monkey then the end goal of the scientist realizing he needs the monkey is lost.

  2. You know the scene where the scientist says to the monkey, "Monkey..You saved my life!".. If a machine says it, it would .. heighten the pathos . =O

    And Wall-E is a robot. =D