18 February, 2011

Aaron's characters

I'm posting these up for Aaron who added these to the facebook group. I really like the direction he is going for the humans.


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  2. haha i have lots of typos at 1am....take two!:

    i posted this on facebook, but is there anyway we could keep the monkey kind of older like this? i think it's really interesting and different from the classic mischievous brat monkey causing trouble. he could match teh scientist more, and show that their relationship is a long one. that its like two older buddies and everything. he's a little tall in this design, but i find it really intriguing.

    anyone agree?

    if he's too old in this one, we could make him a little younger like in the other character designs, but give him white streaks in his hair near his sideburns. so he'll still look young, but got some ago on him cuz of his hair. itll stick with the original "vision" for the monkey but add a little something else to it.




  3. the monkey looking older is a cool idea...but mikki remember what deeanna said in the lecture(yes i pay attention). contrasting characters add interest. if we already have an old scientist and we have an old monkey as well...wouldnt the contrast be loss?