17 February, 2011


Character Designs (including props):
Aaron: Scientist and Monkey
Salehin: Hot Dog Vendor, customer, and Hot Dog Stand
Sonya: The two women, the baby, and and the baby carriage
Chewy: Vultures, Nuns, and Nun Angels (one of the angels need to be a panda)
Cat: The two Random Dudes, and the Rickshaw
Roughs Due Friday Feb 17th

Layout/Storyboard Partners:
Adam and Elena
Gemal and Alice
Anna and Sonya
Laura and Mikki

Contact each other about the scenes you're doing and talk to each other about how the backgrounds are going to look.

Scene 1: Adam
Beginning --> "From the street you hear a cat-whistle call".

Scene 2: Laura
"Its a Monkey!" --> Norman "looking defeated".

Scene 3: Min

Monkey falls on Rickshaw --> Nuns explode and turn into angels

Scene 4: Gemal
Monkey landing on the Rickshaw wheel -->Norman says "darn"

Scene 5: Anna
Falling monkey --> End

Look for the "Edited Script" post. The beginning and end of the scenes I took from the script itself, so just look for the lines that I put in quotations and you'll know where you start and end.
Storyboard Finals Due Monday Feb 21st (have something to show for meeting over this weekend) Sound to be done by the 22nd.
Layout Finals Due Friday Feb 25th (have something to show for the meeting over this weekend)

Adrian will be posting the day of the meeting tomorrow.

Starts clean up of the characters/layouts etc. on Monday night (the 21st), Due Wednesday Feb 23

Character Building:
All of reading week

Leica Reel:
Due Wednesday of reading week (March 2nd)

As of right now the due dates a firm. Depending on the meeting over the long holiday adjustments will be made accordingly, but do what you can.


  1. Is everyone aware that this monday is Family Day? I don't think there should be a due date by that day. And how are we handing our stuff in? Digitally by email?

    and I was planning on going home this weekend because of Family day...and I'm assuming I'm not the only one, so posting this sooner rather than later would be helpful so people can make adjustments for their long weekend.

  2. The board artists met up earlier today and plan to meet over the weekend, I don't know if this was known by them but nothing was mentioned today. If those people do have an issue with getting it in on Monday please let us know ASAP. We do need this stuff done though so I hesitate to get the deadlines pushed much more than a day.

    The boards can be digital or hand drawn, they will then be given to Anna who will be editing them all to get them ready for the Leica editors.

  3. wait so is it just storybord artists meeting this weekend, or everyone?