05 March, 2011


The three builders: Immalyn, Sean and Travis.

Below are the list of characters I am assigning each of you. I have tried to keep the difficulty level, and amount of character evenly spread so that you all get the same amount. If you have any problems with the list you may work that out amongst yourselves, but I need to notified of any changes so that I know what characters I should expect from who. The ones in bold are the designs that HAVE been finalized and are on the blog.

- The Monkey
- The Hot Dog Vendor
- The Hot Dog Customer
- The Hot Dog Cart
- Held Cell baby

- The Scientist (use the one with the lab coat)
- The Two Moms
- The baby carriage
- The vulture

- The 3 Nuns
- The 3 Nuns' Angel Variants (one of the angels is the panda)
- The 2 Construction Workers

Character Build Specifics (anything not listed will need a full build):

The Nuns
A walk cycle where only the feet move are needed, somewhat of a shuffling motion where only the feel move and the upper body keeps still. A front shot of the nuns will also be needed as they will be facing camera screaming.

The Scientist
Front shot, and 3/4 shots will be needed. He will also be lying on his back, so I believe that his legs will need to be straight at one point.

Construction Workers
Only the one that says "I know" will need to be fully built, the other one will only need your typical face animations (blinks, lip sync) and a posable right arm.

I will give you more details as they come to me, but just to give you guys an idea of what you have ahead of you for this week. Create as much as you can in terms of mouth shapes, hands, etc, but try to get the character fully built by Thursday. That way we'll have something to work off of and add to the library as we go along.

I will send you guys final renders as they come out (probably by tonight Saturday March 5th) , but they will also be on the blog. So if you don't want to wait for me, just grab the designs off the blog.

Alright, good luck guys!

- Jason

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