28 February, 2011

Updated Shedule

This is What we are aiming for:

Before Wednesday:

Builders should have Male and Female hand libraries completed.

On Wednesday When we meet up: 

*Stlye and colour are finalized.

*Main Backgrounds are to be cleaned and starting to be painted.  Characters Cleaned and Coloured. Freddy and Adam Will be working as Directors in this Process.

*Lieca Will be made downstairs.

*Characters will be handed off to the Builders who will start Building One By One (when a character designer completes a character, it will be handed off right away to a builder before a new character is made. (all characters should be Built by next thursdays Class).

*After Lieca is completed, it will be put on the blog and the new backgrounds will start being made (To be completed by Thursday's class).


*Sounds will be inserted into Lieca, new sounds not supplied will have to be downloaded or found.

*Soundtrack Will be in the making

Thusdays Class:

*Animation Parts will be assigned to everyone and Scene set up will be incharge of getting evoeryone's materials in their folder on the hard drive.

After that we can all animate away till the end of the year!

Please Comment if you notice any flaws with this.

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