04 March, 2011


Hey Adrian,

Here are the list of characters that are in the short:

2 Female Nuns
(and their variants)
1 Male Nun (and his panda variant)
2 Moms
1 Monkey Baby in Carriage
2 Random Guys (are they being changed to construction workers for sure?)
Hot Dog vendor w/ hot dog stand
Hot Dog Customer

The ones in bold are the only ones that have been finalized. I need you to tell me which finalized designs we're going with, so that I can show Freddy and have him touch up on them. Just talk to me, and I will make it happen. But you have to let me know which one is the final render that you would like.

Salehin finished the Hot Dog vendor, and customer, along with the hot dog cart. Its posted both on the blog and facebook site. Are we using those??If not what are your suggestions??

Sonya also said that you looked at her 'moms', and you also approved of them already, does that mean I can just hand it off to Freddy to finalize??

Chewy designed the male nun, and the vulture. It is also on the facebook/blog. Are we going with those?? As well as the angel variants??

Cat was supposed to be the one to design the two random guys. Should I tell her to re-design them into construction workers, and then pass it off to Freddy right away?? Or would you like to have a look at them first???

If you can get back to me ASAP I can hand off the information to the right people by tonight (Friday March 4th).

-- Jason

P.S. Freddy is slammed with work, so he will only be re-designing/finalizing and not designing from scratch.

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