11 March, 2011

Storyboard notes

Alright these are the notes I took during our little chat after class on Thursday. The main idea was we need to slow down and flesh out some key scenes for the leica. As for boards, most people know what they have to do but in case you forgot here are the notes. Leica notes are at the end.


-Please change the pigeon to a vulture who circles down and lands on the window sill. He then leans in to look for any helpless scientists when all of a sudden the monkey throws a chalk brush which hits something (ie. a stick or a latch) that is holding the window open. The window then slams down scaring the vulture away.

-Scientist reveal is either; he only half enters the light and we see only his hands and legs as he sits in the chair, or he wheels in and blocks out the light from the window. Not sure which one we ended up choosing. Maybe try to mold the two together.

- Make the monkey's look up at the scientist clearer, and have the scientist face 3/4 as he looks down at the monkey

- We need another landing pose on the window

-Have the monkey break the window and have a reaction shot of the scientist. Change the wave off to something more intense like another insult (eg. scientist's finger to his head pointing at his brain as if to say "use it")


-we need the long shot after the dress shot with the construction workers in it. possibly have the monkey in a sexy pose, maybe cut close to sell this.

-Add drawing of women looking down into the carriage after the dialog, then the kick.


-Make the trike scene make sense. If you need a reminder of what we are going for just let me know.


-We need a shot of the monkey shooting across the screen down a steep hill in profile.

- We need to sell the nuns a bit more. Have them walking across the street painfully slow and cut between that shot and the monkey's wild ride. Each time you cut, come in closer to the subject (either the nuns or the monkey)

-Before the impact the monkey has to drop down in front of the trike (no longer the rickshaw) and he tries to slow it down by digging his heels into the street (like you had but just add in the dropping down in front of it part)


-Have the scientist at the fridge to start instead of him rolling up to it. Trk out from the fridge and don't have so much head room. If you want to sell the size of the fridge do a slight vertical pan after he fails to open it once.

- The fridge transition I believe is going to be the same as you had it. please just make sure its clear.


- Start with an up shot of the debris in the sky. This hooks up with Gemals fridge so possibly have it still rising into the air slightly. The monkey and the wheel then join together in the air and fall past camera.

- I'm not sure if we settled on adding more or not with the bird fight. (someone please get back to me on that.)

Leica editors:

-We need to sell our jokes so please allow the audience time to catch everything. The construction workers, baby carriage, hot dog, and nuns were all too fast. Remember to give the nuns too much time when your cutting between them and the monkey. Think Family Guy timing, contrast the extreme speed of the monkey with barely moving.

- Remove the motion on the monkeys frame after he hits the nuns, a moving background will be enough as we need his eyes to direct the pan.

- Flop the fridge scene and all the electrical wire shots.

- The bird fight needs work, flop the vulture being knocked out. Watch the axis for the entire ending part.

That should be it, any questions please ask. And if I forgot anything let me know asap!

Original notes for Adam and anyone else:

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