12 March, 2011

Edited Boards?

EDIT: since the hotdog cart flying down the hill wasn't my original scene i'll just post it here first to make sure it makes sense for what you guys wanted as far as i could tell from the leica reel.


 i don't know if we were supposed to get rid of the cart and the umbrella because i think i remember there wasn't anything attached to what the monkey was riding on in min's shot.

What do we do with the boards that are fixed? Send them back to Anna or post them here or somewhere else?


  1. The leica team needs them on monday so if youre going to be at school then you can just give them to us then. Just make sure theyre flawless, and that the monkey is travelling left to right down the hill. If youre not sure about it, just post them here and we can take a look.

  2. Looks great to me Laura, I hadn't realized we didn't have the vendor in behind the cart so this hooks up well with him turning around to react. For some reason I can't click on that image though... But it looks fine otherwise